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I hosted my first radio show in 1982, Part Of The New America, on KGLT. The campus radio station for Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.

The only time I have not enjoyed working in radio was when I was doing it for my living.

I started volunteering at KFAI in MPLS, MN in 1985, and was producing and hosting a late night show by November. Technological Retreat, from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM on Sunday night / Monday morning I made Sound Collages - the live layering and mixing of sounds. They could be moments or last for an hour or more. The video is only a test of each filter available on the particular editing program. The mix is from 1986 or 1987.

Who was up and listening to the radio at Two in the freaking morning on a Sunday night? Normal people are sleeping because they have to go to work in the morning. Who was up? People getting out of bars, artists working in unheated studios, freaks, third-shifters, cab drivers, students, addicts and alcoholics. Hospital, prison and warehouse workers among others.

A perfect audience for head-messing. I would mix until I was too tired to concentrate, then just play one piece of music at a time, like a regular radio show. Besides, who wants to wake up to that? Not all those normal people who were waking up between 5:00AM & 6:00 AM. There were two very distinct audiences for the show. Radio used to be a time specific medium.

The mixes were not dance or sample based mixes, more like soundtracks. Mood Music on the edge. Material taken from record and tape collections, field and bridge and building recordings, and original recordings. Like any collage, the pieces are the medium for creating a new work. I used preexisting recordings as the raw material for creating my own sound collages. To hear some examples of the radio sound collages, go here.

Over Twenty years later, INNOVA Records released a CD of some of these sound collages in a run of 500 hand signed and numbered copies, with a piece of a visual collage as the CD case illustration.

From 1990 through 1994 I was one of the last hosts of a long running International music program called Musica Mundana.

From 2004 - 2010 I hosted and produced a show called Dig Up The Roots. I was interested in playing music from the nether, lost and haunted regions of traditional music. This link will take you to a page with a few years of playlists. Here is an article about that show from August of 2004 published in The Mississippi Rag

VU's & ReVU's

On 08.01.2012, I was on Live From Studio 5, a live radio show with live music on Weds nights. This video mix is a good example of the hijinks three arms can pull. The mix is somewhere in the half hour I had, and is: Einsturzende Neubauten / a 78 RPM sound effect record of Factory Sirens / A landmark of questionable religious beliefs: Flight F-I-N-A-L / a 78 RPM sound effect record of a Parade & Marching band.

Jerry Modjeski is a sound designer, producer, writer and voice artist who I know through KFAI. Jerry has recently started a blog - and recently posted some airchecks of me from 2000, guesting on his show The Musical Transportation Spree.

Todd Melby is an award winning documentary maker. This is a piece he did called Yesterday's Revolution: The Minneapolis 78 RPM Record Scene. It features me and other Minneapolis 78 RPM record fiends.

Here is an audio interview with me by Jon Nelson from his radio show Some Assembly Required, a nationally syndicated radio show featuring Sound Collage and Audio Appropriation. Here is a Q&A from the web interview.

Dr. Demento

I really enjoyed hearing this! It took me to some nice places. Being from Minneapolis myself I was happy to discover another fascinating facet of my hometown's culture!

Signal To Noise magazine article.

Dipping into the EA Bucket 3
Grant Chu Covell
La Folia

Nineteen tracks - excerpts actually - swiped from Carr's live on-air radio mixes originally broadcast over KFAI (Minneapolis). Carr occupied the 1:00-6:00 a.m. slot, Sunday night into Monday morning, with license to do as he pleased. His dense collages combine music, sound effects, spoken word and other TV / radio broadcasts. Sometimes the materials are played backwards or their speeds are manipulated. You could amuse yourself with the needle-drop game: I picked out Switched-On Bach, The Magnificent Seven's main title, and some Reich.

Back in my college radio days, I infrequently tried my hand at this sort of thing. It's harder than it sounds - such collaging requires stamina and foresight - but provides a rush when it all aligns, even if it is ephemeral radio noise. Perhaps you know instinctively that Bach's violin partitas go well over a Nairobi beat, or that Bruckner and Les Baxter can jive. Effortless gear-shifting is a requirement and Carr is a pro.

Baby Sue

Long before the idea of collage and cut-and-paste music caught on, KFAI (Minneapolis) radio disc jockey Greg Carr presented a late night show from 1:00 to 6:00 AM in the late eighties. During the live show which aired from 1985 to 1989, Carr mixed, mutated, blended, and combined sounds and snippets from a wide variety of sources to create his own unique sound collage. Technological Retreat - Mixes Vol. 1 is the first in a series of discs designed to document the show. This disc is a weird spin...sounding something like two or three radios and televisions being switched from channel to channel during the course of an hour. It is difficult indeed to attempt to rate something like we won't. Instead, we prefer to leave it up to the listener(s) to decide what to make of this. This is a limited edition release...with only 500 signed copies being produced (!). (Not Rated)

"The radios of Earth no longer know his spins and soundscapes, and hooking your radio up to Saturn is a drag. But we need to interpret those rings or coronas to hear his stuff today, man, cause he burned his sounds into these plastic CD discs and all you have to do is settle the thing accurately and press play."

These words of wisdom are from the liner notes by Dr Hubert Zork, the noted jazz critic who is noted for his notes.

Track Listing

Tuning In / 0:45
Show Theme (excerpt) / 3:32
That's What This Is / 0:19
Haunted Circus Accordion Wind Ghost Reed Forest Ensemble / 2:24
Soul Train Rodeo / 2:09
Station Id / 0:24
Funk Dungeon Dance Lesson / 2:57
Spaced Out Sound Mobile / 3:54
Re-entry to the Astral Sea / 0:42
Classical Slacksical / 0:56
Nighttimemares / 7:33
Pirated Pirates (or) Sampled Scoundrels / 2:26
Ravi Shankarcrash / 2:39
Ragin' Ragas / 8:40
Oneeno + 2 / 12:24
NYC Cab Driving in Various Basements / 1:24
Remote Viewing in an Emptying House / 1:32
Lost into the Noise / 0:27
Tuning Out / 1:13