dreamachine Cassette Radio Jet 200 Rifle Sport Arts Pulp Covers Audio & Video Mixmaster
Here are some pictures of my 1980 Serveta Jet 200. Serveta was a Spanish company that made Lambretta scooters a little cheaper in a number of ways.

I bought it in 1982 with 600 miles on it when I lived in Denver, CO. It used to purr, rattle and shake a lot at 70 mph on the highway between Denver & Boulder.

The paint has been stripped off so that the steel is exposed. The handset and center part are painted with black engine block paint. Traditionalists cringe but I really like it like this, looking somewhere between Mad Max and Quadrophenia.

Some pix were taken when my kids were about 2 & 4 - they are now 19 & 21 and want bikes of their these days.