dreamachine Cassette Radio Jet 200 Rifle Sport Arts Pulp Covers Audio & Video Mixmaster
The dreamachine was developed and designed by Brion Gysin and Ian Summerville in the late 1950's/ early 1960's. The intent is to place the viewer into a mentally relaxed state, a dream state, a state without fences where physical borders don't apply.

Below is a brief description of the parts:

A) A light bulb hangs within the dreamachine, creating a flicker pattern as the dreamachine spins. The pattern creates a pulse pattern directly on the brain when viewed very close, eyes closed, staring at the machine. Some people experience a mild hallucinatory feeling, some people feel like they have motion sickness. Whatever it is that the viewer does experiences, it stops the very moment when you open your eyes.

B) The dreamachine is created with a template of shapes laid onto a grid sketched onto the heavy paper. The shapes are cut out, the paper assembled into a tube, the tube placed onto a turntable capable of spinning at 78 RPM.

C) A 1952 Zenith Cobra-Matic. This appears in the second video, right over there.

The picture of the plan book links to a slide show of the Brion Gysin books I have.

This is a short dreamachine documentary, recorded in my basement with yours truly in front of the camera for a change.

This Ancient Mix Master mix is made from Sound Effects 78 RPM records. Forgotten crowds in theatres, machines that don't exist anymore, harbors and street corners filled with ghosts. Trains, planes and ships going nowhere and coming home to nothing.